Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE Preamplifier ( Passive - Active )


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STP-SE Preamplifier Passive / Active




"It all seemed to be about removing minor barriers in whose absence recorded urgency, intensity and directness communicated themselves more strongly. I'd call this effect an energizer, rejuvenator and revealer of deeper space…. this is a machine of quiet but true reference calibre!"

- Srajan Ebaen, Editor, 6 Moons.


The best possible preamp would be one that didn’t exist!
We have created the closest anyone has ever come to that while still offering a fully functional preamp. For the cleanest sound, what goes in should come out, nothing less, nothing more. For this we’ve made our preamp passive and active at the same time. To keep the signal path clean as possible, the line stage is automatically switched in when needed, and left out when not. This offers the quietest operation for any level up to unity gain. Noise in the passive mode is <6uV, and <18uV in the active mode which is incredibly good. And yes, this product is fully balanced input to output.


Our unique passive preamp with ultra-transparent discrete buffer stage
When we say passive, we mean as in no gain. We all know that all passive preamps have many issues regarding input and output impedances. These issues are massive because of the lack of drive current the preamp is able to produce. The result is a loose, floppy bottom end, and a constricted, dry top end. To solve this, we inserted our Ultra-transparent discrete buffer stages to address this issue, which proved to give us remarkable results.


Ultra clean power supply
Like any audio electronic product, everything starts with a power supply. This is the first stage that gives the STP-SE unbelievably clean power. With a 25A Schottky bridge rectifier connected through 164,560+uF of capacitance in our proprietary TRR (Triple-Ripple-Reduction) power supply circuit, the STP-SE preamp has more capacitance than some amplifiers! By the time power reserves supply the audio chain with power, there is no hint of noise left to buzz through your speakers. Of course we left 2 stages of filtering up to nothing but the best; the Nichicon Bi-polar MUSE audio grade capacitors do a fantastic job!

 Using relays to switch volume instead of volume control chip
Every preamp has to have a volume control. This is also a HUGE part in why our unit differs. The easy route (practically everyone else takes) consists of putting audio in and out of a volume control chip. While being cost effective and easy to design, the audio is left at the mercy the chip. The best possible electrical connection that can be made and released on command is made by a switch. The best sounding switch is one that has the least resistance and can maintain at all frequencies, for this we chose to use relays. While much more expensive, slower and noisier when switching, they are far more sonically superior to any switcher chip on the market today.


High precision resistors discrete volume control
The second part of our volume control is the resistors. That’s right, relays and resistors are the only components interacting with the audio signal. Like all our other products, we use Dale rn55d copper leaded precision resistors. Supplying exceedingly accurate channel to channel level matching (+/- 0.05db) and isolation (>106db), our discrete volume control is the most transparent and spaciously sounding attenuator we’ve heard. A maximum attenuation of 128db will quiet the loudest of sources, and as little as 0.5db steps allow for the finest control.










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Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE Preamplifier ( Passive - Active )

Wyred 4 Sound STP-SE Preamplifier ( Passive - Active )

Orijinal BOX