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Klipsch RF-7 Floorstanding Speaker Genişlet
Klipsch RF-7 Floorstanding Speaker
  • Klipsch RF-7 Floorstanding Speaker
  • Klipsch RF-7 Floorstanding Speaker
  • Klipsch RF-7 Floorstanding Speaker


Klipsch RF-7 Floorstanding Speaker

Klipsch Klipsch





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The RF-7 utilizes a combination of professional grade materials and advanced horn technology for a smooth response and consistent coverage pattern. The Reference Series flagship's 1.75" titanium dome compression driver is coupled to an 8" square Tractrix® Horn and powered by an unusually large, video-shielded 22oz. magnet. This combination offers the speed and accuracy needed to deliver clear, accurate, non-fatiguing high frequencies and upper midrange frequencies at any volume level. This design approach is so efficient that it virtually eliminates the most common cause of driver failure — excessive energy.


The two 10" Cerametallic™ woofer cones are lighter, stronger and better damped than commonly used cone materials. Cerametallic™ is a specially treated aluminum that has been anodized, or electro-chemically transformed into ceramic on both outer surfaces. Similar to the motor of the large compression driver, powerful, video-shielded 50oz. magnets drive these woofers, allowing for precise signal tracking without blurring the sound. Aesthetically, the unmistakable copper color of our Cerametallic™ cones gives the RF-7 its distinctive Klipsch Reference look.


The RF-7's cast-aluminum woofer frames, which have high impact tolerance to stabilize the woofer motors and guarantee their critical alignment, are designed to be stronger and more functional than typical driver "baskets," and actually contribute to the overall enhanced performance. These non-magnetic woofer baskets eliminate any loss of magnetic energy needed for output and dynamic headroom. And the vented pole piece cools the motor and voice coil to enhance reliability.


The high quality crossover networks of the RF-7 are carefully designed for a seamless blend between the lower midrange and upper bass frequencies. They use the highest quality internal wiring, as do the external bi-wire jumpers of the newly developed circular input cup on the loudspeaker's exterior. This materials upgrade ensures top-of-the-line connection from the electronics all the way through to the voice coil of each Klipsch audio system.


Two large tuned ports on the RF-7 reduce distortion and allow for better dynamics. Their larger size, inner and outer flaring, and precise tuning increase efficiency and bass response, which allows for more output with less distortion. Dual windowpane braces are an enclosure feature that contributes to the RF-7's structural rigidity and resonance control.


Although many people will choose to show off the copper-colored Cerametallic™ cones, each RF-7 comes with a curved, cloth-covered, stand-off grille. This distinguished "floating grille" creates a physical barrier, protecting the drivers from damage and actually works to minimize sonic reflections. A spiked or protective tipped, stabilizing outrigger foot complements the enclosure's computer-optimized bracing, which minimizes cabinet vibration and reduces unwanted coloration.&nn and reduces unwanted coloration.


While no longer in production, the RF-7 is still owned and listened to by Klipsch fans around the world. To connect with other people who are passionate about audio and interested in Klipsch products, visit our open forum bulletin board.





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