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Exposure 2010 Cd player Genişlet
Exposure 2010 Cd player
  • Exposure 2010 Cd player
  • Exposure 2010 Cd player
  • Exposure 2010 Cd player
  • Exposure 2010 Cd player
  • Exposure 2010 Cd player


Exposure 2010 Cd player



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Teknik ve kozmetik olarak kusuru yoktur, tüm fonksiyonları tam çalışır, orijinal uzaktan kımandası ile birlikte gönderilecektir, %100 orijinaldir.

All the world (Fedex) shippings is done. 

Ad-date photograps of the device itself, does not cite.

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2010 CD Player

Drawing on over twenty-five years of expertise, Exposure Electronics continues to engineer products of the highest quality for the discerning audiophile. Building on this design expertise, Exposure's 2010 CD player is the first in a forthcoming range of CD players to utilize the latest developments in 24bit/96kHz DAC technology.

Housed in a rigid, all-aluminium chassis, the 2010 CD players extruded front panel offers a discreet yet functional aesthetic. Available in either classic black or titanium finish the 2010 CD complements any surrounding decor. Using a selected Sony mechanism and only the highest audio grade components the 2010 CD player offers simple operation including remote control operation. Employing a substantial power supply, high quality reservoir capacitors are supported by a specially designed high-capacity toroidal transformer. Designed specifically for the purpose, the power supply's superior rejection characteristics ensure excellent isolation between the transport, digital processing and analogue electronics.

Isolated from the main board, the Digital-to-Analogue PCB is further removed from unwanted interference by a high purity Master Clock positioned in close proximity to the surface-mounted 24bit/96kHz DAC. Digital outputs, both coaxial and optical provide the additional benefit of being able to record CD material. Exposure's unique appreciation of circuit layout and component selection has resulted in a finely engineered player that delivers a robust performance with all musical genres.

Partnered with suitable ancillary equipment, the new 2010 CD player is capable of an outstanding sonic performance.


Technical Specifications
Maximum output2.0V
Frequency Response 20Hz-20kHz+/-0.05dB
Distortion @ 20Hz-20kHz/0dBFs< 0.008%
A- Wtd S/N ratio> 100 dB
Digital OutputsCoaxial & Optical


 Teknik ve kozmetik olarak kusuru yoktur,

tüm fonksiyonları tam çalışır,

orijinal uzaktan kımandası ile birlikte gönderilecektir,

%100 orijinaldir.




Tüm Türkiye,ye YURTİÇİ KARGO ile

(Tarafımızdan profesyonelce paketlenip)

%30 indirimli (sigortalı) gönderi yapılır.



 Ad-date photographs of the device itself, does not cite.
All the world (FEDEX) shipping is done.





İlanda kullanılan fotograflar cihazın kendi güncel fotograflarıdır, alıntı değildir.



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