Dual CS CS 455-1 Tam Otomatik Pikap

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 CS 455-1  Fully Automatic Turntable

(OMB 10 cartridge)

Belt Drive


High quality, fully automatic turntable with three speeds (33, 45, 78 rpm). This turntable meets all the criteria. Sophisticated technology, greatest convenience combined with great sound leaves the listener with no unfulfilled wishes.

 Tone arm technology:

Cardan bearing with zero-mass tracking force setting, thanks to precision torsion spring. Detachable headshell with 13mm (1/2-inch) fixing-holes. Adjustable tracking force and anti-skating. Extremely rigid headshell made of carbon fiber.

 Chassis technology:

Solid wooden chassis. Floating sub chassis. Vibration damping aluminium platter with antistatic felt mat.

 Drive technology:

Belt drive with polished flat belt. DC motor with electronic speed control. Viscosity-damped arm lift. Automatic tone arm cue. Auto Stop with tone arm return. Playback option for archive disks with 78 rpm speed. Delivered with OMB 10 cartridge.

 * Also available with built-in phono preamplifier


Speed r / min. :33/45/78

Speed accuracy in% DIN / WRMS: < -/+ 0,07 / 0,04 % DIN

Rumble-to-noise ratio: 48 dB

Rumble-noise ratio: 72 dB

Cartridge system: OMB 10

Frequency Response: 20 Hz - 22 kHz

Depth sensing capability (300 Hz): 70 µm at 315 Hz

Dimensions (WxHxD): 420 x 133 x 360 mm

Weight: 5,43 kg

Colour: black, silver

Power supply: 12V DC, 150 mA


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Kapalı kutu, adınıza faturalı. 

Dahili pikap presi olan versiyonuda vardır (EV)

OMB 10 Cartridge dahildir.


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Dual CS CS 455-1 Tam Otomatik Pikap

Dual CS CS 455-1 Tam Otomatik Pikap

Liste fiyatı : 660.00 Euro

Kazancınız : 198.00 Euro